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About Swampland Tackle

My name is Lance Dupre.  My love for the outdoors began in my childhood on the waterways of South Louisiana in Dulac.  As an adult I enjoyed actively participating in Bass tournaments throughout the United States.  Since 1992, I have built fishing rods for both individuals and corporate customers locally, nationally, and internationally.  While I build ultra-light to offshore trolling rods, my specialty is speckled trout, redfish, and bass rods.   Even bigger than my rod building business is my component business.  I enjoy supporting other rod builders in their quest to build the perfect rod.  I am a distributor for rod building supply manufacturers such as:

I take pride in my work and offer custom crafted rods in the hopes that other fishermen and women can experience the thrill of the catch!

Swampland Tackle's physical store displaying custom-made fishing rods.
Image of Lance Dupre, owner, making a custom fishing rod using rood building supplies and equipment.
Rod Building Supplies such as Gen 4, ProPaste, Alps Wrap/Dry Machine, paintbrushes, tape, etc.
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