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    A Fishing & Rod Building Supplies Store Swampland Tackle & Custom Rods About Swampland Tackle My name is Lance Dupre. My love for the outdoors began in my childhood on the waterways of South Louisiana in Dulac. As an adult I enjoyed actively participating in Bass tournaments throughout the United States. Since 1992, I have built fishing rods for both individuals and corporate customers locally, nationally, and internationally. While I build ultra-light to offshore trolling rods, my specialty is speckled trout, redfish, and bass rods. Beyond building custom rods, a wide variety of rod building supplies and components are kept in stock. I enjoy supporting other rod builders in their quest to build the perfect rod. I take pride in my work and offer custom crafted rods in the hopes that other fishermen and women can experience the thrill of the catch! Lures, tackle, fishing accessories, line, & apparel all play an important role in achieving that catch. Therefore, Swampland Tackle is expanding to provide fishermen and women with popular and effective products for the perfect fishing excursion . Best of luck! Lures & Tackle

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    SHOP MHX Fishing Rod Blanks Crankbait Drop Shot Flipping & Pitching Mag Taper Mag XF Popping S-Glass Shooter Jig Spin Spinnerbait MHX 7'0" Med-Light Crankbait Rod Blank - CB841-Blend Price $60.75 Add to Cart MHX 7'0" Medium Crankbait Rod Blank - CB843-Blend Price $78.25 Out of Stock MHX 7'0" Med-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB845-Blend Price $86.75 Out of Stock MHX 7'0" Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB847-Blend Price $98.00 Add to Cart MHX 7'6" Medium Crankbait Rod Blank - CB903-Blend Price $81.25 Add to Cart MHX 7'6" Med-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB905-Blend Price From $85.50 Color Add to Cart MHX 7'6" Med-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB906-Blend Price $93.50 Add to Cart MHX 7'6" Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB907-Blend Price $95.50 Add to Cart MHX 7'8" X-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB928-Blend Price $108.50 Add to Cart MHX 8'0" Med-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB965-Blend Price $103.50 Out of Stock MHX 8'0" Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB967-Blend Price $108.00 Out of Stock MHX 8'0" X-Heavy Crankbait Rod Blank - CB968-Blend Price $119.50 Add to Cart 1 2 3 ... 7 Shop CRB Blanks Shop Rainshadow Blanks

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    SITE MAP | REVIEWS | CREDENTIALS | CURRENT EVENTS SHOP CATEGORIES Lures & Tackle Apparel Fishing Accessories Fishing Line Fishing Reels MHX Blanks RainShadow Batson CRB Blanks Reel Seats Guides Grips & Butts Epoxy & Finish Offshore Handles Thread Wrappers & Dryers MATAGI Products Close Out Deals Rod Building Supplies Decorative Components Swampland Custom Rods Custom Components Swampland Tackle's Fishing & Rod Building Blog Facebook Reviews Click on the Facebook image above to view Swampland Tackle's Facebook page. Swampland Tackle & Custom Rods, LLC. Google Business Profile Check out customer reviews & business details! (Click on Google Business Profile image) Lance Dupre, Owner of Swampland Tackle & Custom Rods Dupre featured in Louisiana Sportsman Click on the image below to read the full article! Excerpt from article... Dupre featured in Angler's Resouce / Fuji Article Anglers Resource ​ ​ Fuji’s Profiles in Rod Building Featured Builder: Lance Dupré December 29, 2019 ​ Born and raised in Louisiana, Lance Dupré is a true Cajun. Fiery, yet friendly and engaging, Dupré is considered a classic among those who know him in the rod building community, and well-liked by his many customers and friends. Dupré opened his Swampland Tackle Shop in 1989. After a year of endless repairs on manufactured rods, he decided to start building his own. That venture soon blossomed into a full-time gig and, in his words, “tackle sales got pushed to the side.” Concentrated on rod building exclusively, Swampland’s clientele quickly grew. His designs became the preference of regional tournament bass and inshore saltwater pros — anglers who demand lightweight builds for high-performance fishing. Realizing the trend, Dupré backed away from decorative wraps and focused more on producing the lightest, most sensitive rods possible. That said, Dupré does enjoy making his own custom handles and grips. Each is uniquely different, fashioned from wood, acrylic or a combination of the two. And as the attached images will show, they are quite functional and eye catching. While decorative wraps may not be his focus, Dupré will try to accommodate any requests for them. And for those who prefer to wrap their own rods, his shop offers a broad selection of rod building components — Louisiana's largest, in fact. And he’s a strong believer in the Fuji brand, utilizing some aspect of the product line on nearly every build. You can find Lance Dupré and Swampland Tackle on Facebook or through his website: Or call him direct at 985-852-1703 Click on the image above to view the article! Local News Video: KADN - NEWS 15 Lance Dupre promoted National Boat Safety Week in local news. (May, 2022) (Click on the image below to KADN's site to watch video and read full transcript.) Excerpt from Interview ROD BUILDERS WORKSHOP Lance Dupre hosting Northeast Rod Builders (NERB) workshop - a gathering of fishermen & women, who have a talent and passion for rod building share rod building ideas and techniques. 103 Westmark Blvd, Suite 6, Lafayette, LA - May 2022 (NERB was founded by Billy Vivona, professional rod builder & decorative wrapper, New York.) SWAMPLAND ATTENDS ICAST ICAST is the world's largest fishing trade show. It was held in Orlando, Florida this year. Top fishing, manufacturers from all over the world and vendors gather to share the latest innovations and products in the fishing industry. July 21, 2022. Shaw Grisby, Hall of Fame Pro Angler, with Lance Dupre (click image to go to Grisby's FB page) Trey Kistler, owner of Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, with Lance Dupre Billy Vivonia, founder of NERBS, and Lance Dupre Joseph Meehan III, owner of American Tackle, with Lance Dupre. Aaron Pierce, owner of 4 Horsemen Tackle, with Lance Dupre. Fred Malcorne, owner of Withrop Tackle, with Lance Dupre

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